Electric Lies


A curatorial focus

What happens to the land as indigenous people are forced to leave their traditional way of living in, of and with nature simply to give place to modern production of energy for the masses? What lies are used to convince the majority that this is the right thing to do?


ELECTRIC LIES: Čájet sámi vuoiŋŋa

October 2023 in co production with Oyoun in Berlin

April 2024 in co production with Sámi Lávdi and Theater Alo Produksjoner SA

A project that aims to create a space for development and networking among indigenous performing artists.

Dancers, joik artists, actors, poets, musicians, dramaturges, dramatists.

All meeting to workshop with eachother for 5-10 days, create together and do a public performance at the end. The performance is built on Camilla Therese Karlsens choreographic structure, and will have a thematic focus that is important for the participants. October 2023 it was the Fosen case in focus. April 2024 focus was on all that we have lost. 



May-October 2024

Will be created in

Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany

Premiere 6.July 2024 @ Skibotnmarkedsplass NTM

A performative installation project  with indigeous artists from Canada and Sápmi

The purpose of this artistic endeavour is to bring attention to the complex and urgent environmental and social issues that our society is facing. By challenging the conventional beliefs and assumptions underlying the "green shift" in energy production, we aim to present fresh perspectives to these challenges. We believe that the installation will offer a platform for meaningful dialogue and encourage viewers to question their own relationship with nature and the environment.


ELECTRIC LIES: for the greater good?

Work in progress showing in

- Thüringen May 2024

- Bodø June 2024

A performance piece that use joik, aerial dance and poetry.

In this performance the focus is on the very often used frase "for the greater good". Very often seen when the ppoliticians need to argue for why they take Sámi lands, even though the know it will be harmfull for the traditions, the culture and the language. But worst of all is that they use this frase, even though they know the political desicion is harmfull and not sustainable for nature