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Ulv & Ugle

Performing arts Sámi Culture  


Ulv & Ugle, founded by Camilla Therese Karlsen in 2017, is a Sámi company that create performing art with a clear focus on promoting samiculture and spread awareness on indigenous sociopolitical questions.


The work of the company can be branded as crossover performance and contain sami joik, poetry, storytelling, dance , juggling and acrobatics on the floor and in the air.

The company create crossover productions for stage, indoors, outdoors, theater, festivals, events, site specific and so on.

Name: Ulv & Ugle

Meaning: Wolf and owl

Nationality: Norwegian Sámi


Camilla Therese Karlsen started the company in 2017. Zietra Møller joined in 2018 and Raul Vargas Torres in 2019. All 3 was part of the first creation "Eallin Journey to Sáivu". 

Raul Vargas Torres

Performer | 2019 - today

Musician, actor, acrobat, dancer.

A force on the stage that takes audience with storm and wild laughter. This Colombian is a circus artist and physical actor, a dancer and a musician. He directs and performs, and has been given awards for his work on stage.

Camilla Therese Karlsen

Founder | 2017 - today

Author, storyteller, dancer and acrobat.

She belongs to the seasami tribe of northern norway, works internationally as dancer, aerialist and acrobat.

After many years on stage as a physical artist she has started to explore how to combine it with traditional storytelling and poetry.


Čiegus bálggis / Skjult sti/ Hidden Path

"Am I Sámi enough?"

A co-production with

Many sea sami was hiding their identity as a result of shame due to the hard assimilation politics from ca 1850-1989. In this crossover production we tell the story through the eyes of the next generation discovering this hidden path of their family. 

Premiere was 4.February 2022 @ Riksscenen

Creative team

Play wright: Camilla Therese Karlsen

Dramaturge: Mari Moen

Choreographer: Maria Marta Colusi

Composer Joik: Torgeir Vassvik

Composer Music: Tommy Jansen

Costumedesign: Anne Berit Anti /Abanti

Lightdesign: Øystein Heitmann

Producer: Andreas Ljones and Camilla Therese Karlsen

English translation was done in cooperation with English Theatre Berlin

Made with support from

Figurteateret Nordland

Tanzfabrik berlin



Circuspoet: Camilla Therese Karlsen

Dancer: Gerd Kaisa Vorren

Physicalactor: Raul Vargas Torres

Joik: Torgeir Vassvvik

Music: Tommy Jansen