Ulv & Ugle

Ulv & Ugle

Performing arts Sámi Culture  


Ulv & Ugle, founded by Camilla Therese Karlsen in 2017, is a Sámi company that create performing art with a clear focus on promoting samiculture and spread awareness on indigenous sociopolitical questions.


The work of the company can be branded as crossover performance and contain sami joik, poetry, storytelling, dance , juggling and acrobatics on the floor and in the air.

The company create crossover productions for stage, indoors, outdoors, theater, festivals, events, site specific and so on.

Name: Ulv & Ugle

Meaning: Wolf and owl

Nationality: Norwegian Sámi


e-mail: aerialist (at) acrobamilla.no

phone: +47 97029430