Short impression of former productions, ongoing and future projects.

Silent breath - workinprogress

2021 started the research on a performative installation that will combine visual art with performing arts, poetic text, videoart and music.

Camilla Therese Karlsen writes the poetic text, perfom on aerialnet and make videoart. Zietra Møller is part of the creative team, perform on aerialnet and with balancing antlers.

  • First round of research was financially supported by Dáiddafoanda.
  • More info to come...

Skjult Sti - workinprogress

Planned premier 4.february 2022

Means hidden path. Many sea sami was hiding their identity as a result of the hard assimilation politics. In this crossover production we tell the story through the eyes of the next generation discovering this hidden path of their family. 

Play wright and aerialdancer: Camilla Therese Karlsen

Joik: Torgeir Vassvik

Music: Torgeir Vassvik and Tommy Jansen

Dance: Gerd Kaisa Vorren

Actor: Raul Vargas Torres

Light Design: Horst Mühlberger

  • Co-prodused with Dramatikksen Hus and Riksscenen..
  • Pre-project with financial support from Samediggi and Figurteateret i Nordland.
A retribution by God
about life and death
the spirits

Eallin - Journey to Sáivu

Premiere 7.november 2018 at Dansefestival Barents

The first project was based on old sami legends.

Camillas great grandfathe was a storyteller and some of the legends and fairytales he told was written down by Just Quigstad in the period 1929-1932.

Camilla is the playwrite as well as choreographer of the show.

Joanna Bassi gave instructions on performance and staging.

Emil Karlsen composed joik and music.


Camilla Therese Karlsen is storyteller, performs joik and danceacrobatics.

Zietra Møller is aerialdancer and objectmanipulator.

Raul Vargas Torres is acting and performs flute.

  • Co-production with Dansearena nord and Dramatikkens Hus. 
  • Production was supported financially by Samediggi