Ulv & Ugle

Ulv & Ugle

Performing arts Sámi Culture  


Ulv & Ugle, founded by Camilla Therese Karlsen in 2017, is a performingarts group that focus their work on samiculture and sociopolitical questions.


The work of the company can be branded as crossover performance and contain sami joik, poetry, storytelling, dance , juggling and acrobatics on the floor and in the air.

The company create crossover productions for stage, indoors, outdoors, theater, festivals, events, site specific and so on.

Name: Ulv & Ugle

Meaning: Wolf and owl

Nationality: Norwegian Sámi

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Camilla Therese Karlsen started the company in 2017. Zietra Møller joined in 2018 and Raul Vargas Torres in 2019. All 3 was part of the first creation "Eallin Journey to Sáivu". 

Zietra Møller

Performer | 2018 - today

Aerialist, juggling, antlerbalance

A talented artist who joined the company fresh out of the performing arts school Die Etage in Berlin. She has worked with established theaters like Carte Blanche in Denmark, performing in the immersive performance-installation “Lyshus” made for "Århus 2017 - European Capital of Culture".

Camilla Therese Karlsen

Founder | 2017 - today

Author, storyteller, dancer and acrobat.

She belongs to the seasami tribe of northern norway, works internationally as dancer, aerialist and acrobat.

After many years on stage as a physical artist she has started to explore how to combine it with traditional storytelling and poetry.

Raul Vargas Torres

Performer | 2019 - today

Musician, actor, acrobat, dancer.

A force on the stage that takes audience with storm and wild laughter. This Colombian is a circus artist and physical actor, a dancer and a musician. He directs and performs, and has been given awards for his work on stage.


Impressions from former productions, work in progress and future projects.